Fly Fishing 

Fishing on the Wye and the Derwent with the Devonshire Arms at Beeley

Enhance your stay at the Devonshire Arms at Beeley with some of the best fishing available in the country on the River Derwent, in partnership with Chatsworth Fisheries and Peter Lax a qualified instructor and guide.

Chatsworth Fishery

The Chatsworth Fishery covers four miles of double bank fishing on the River Derwent. It extends from the new bridge at Baslow, passing through Chatsworth Park, and ending at the Smeltingmill Brook just north of Rowsley. The river has a good head of brown and rainbow trout, which are supplemented throughout the season with additional stockings. The river is also home to many Grayling, which provide good sport throughout the winter months. Those fishing the Chatsworth Fishery have privileged access through Chatsworth Park, as well as use of the luncheon hut, which provides an ideal base for a day’s fishing.

The Fishery is managed from the Estate Office and employs a full time River Keeper, Matthew Fletcher, who will greet you upon your arrival to ensure that you have a pleasurable experience throughout your day on the river.

Guiding Service on the Chatsworth Estate

By separate arrangement, the services of an experienced guider, Peter Lax, can be arranged. Peter offers a full day guiding service to seasoned Fly Fishers, or a full day introduction to Fly Fishing for both beginners and improvers.

For Guiding/Instructing/Coaching, further details can be found on his website:

Peter Lax:
“I am a Yorkshireman, who started fishing a 4 years of age with a length of cane, a couple of yards of monofilament, a float & a hook with a maggot on it. I am now considerably more than 4 years of age but still love fishing. I occasionally coarse fish, but my first love is Fly Fishing. I fish all types of water, but prefer rivers and streams in search of ‘the Gentleman of the Stream’ the Brown Trout and ‘the Lady of the Stream’ the Grayling. The only way you can understand its appeal is to experience it. If you have never done so, then perhaps I can help! I am a qualified Fly Fishing Instructor & Licensed Coach, fully checked & insured by the Angling Trust.”